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iPhone App Winners!

Congrats to the winners of the free iPhone App “Where To?” We have more contests and give-aways that take place so be sure to comment on posts you are interested in and subscribe to the Rss Feed to stay in the loop!




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If you’d like to subscribe to the Rss Feed to stay updated on contests, giveaways, and professional free tutorials click here, it’s easy and free.  I’m also trying to strike up more conversations about posts and engage you guys.  I want to create value for you and drive more people to the site.  The more Rss Feed subscribers and participation, the more free stuff I can give away. :)

Iphone App Giveaway!

We posted a free tutorial showing you how to create a cool iPhone application interface for the program “Where To?” (you can see it here.)  We were able to collect some free codes and give away a free “Where To?” application to all of you who commented.  Here are our winners.  We only had a few comments so when we post contests you have a really good chance of winning just by commenting and subscribing to our Rss Feed!

Iphone App Winners!

1.) Bonnie Lewis

2.) Lindsay Gloff

3.) Rejis Dale

4.) John

Thank You

Thanks to all who participated.  If you want to win 12 free screen printed t-shirts from then click here to leave a comment and click here to subscribe to the Rss Feed. Happy Photoshopping!

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