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T-shirt Contest Update -> Free tee shirt mockup download

We added a downloadable t-shirt template file that will make mocking up submissions easier. Remember, all you have to do is comment, subscribe to our RSS Feed, and submit the design you want printed, too easy (over $150 value).



Contest Update

The free t-shirt contest is still running and we have had a lot of people sign up and comment but we haven’t had any art submissions yet.  If you have a friend that is into t-shirt / graphic design / fashion then let them know about this competition, they have a good chance of winning!  We will be running it until we have at least 15 submissions to pick from.

How to Submit

Download our t-shirt template below and watch the screen-cast below of how to mock-up your design.  Remember to create designs with 1-2 colors.  Putting this limit stretches you to be creative with less colors!

[download id=”14″ format=”1″].

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