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Blackmail Obama with Photoshop

Here is a funny tutorial we wanted to do just for fun. We ran across a picture of Obama smoking a cigarette which turned out to be Photoshopped propaganda. Nevertheless, we thought it’d be fun to try. Here is the official tutorial.



As some of you may already know, there was a picture floating around the internet of President Obama with a cigarette in his mouth.  Well, here is the original picture:


Here is a picture of what was Photoshopped, which we think looks pretty hilarious.


And we’re going to show you how it was done.  It is really easy and this technique can be used on most pictures of friends, family members, go crazy with it.  Disclaimer: we don’t want you to seriously blackmail President Obama.  If you do, we take no responsibility!

First you’ll need to drag the picture of Obama NOT smoking from above to your desktop.  Open this image in Photoshop.  Also, you’ll need to download a picture of a cigarette here.  Also open this file in Photoshop.  Select the Obama photo and double click on the layer and press “enter” to unlock it.  Then, with the now unlocked photo layer, select edit > transform > flip horizontal. It’s an odd thing, but many times flipping a picture of someone horizontally can make them look significantly different.  In this case, Obama looks like he needs a nap or like his eyes are more relaxed… which is conducive to making him look more apt to smoke a cig.

Picture 2

Now we’re going to cut out the cigarette with the pen tool.

Picture 4

Now Control + Left Mouse Click the shape layer you just created with the pen tool.

Picture 5

Now select the original cigarette layer (make sure it is unlocked using the same technique above… double click the layer, etc.) and with the Marquee Tool selected (M) Right Click and select “Layer Via Cut.” Delete the background you just cut the cigarette from.

Picture 6

Now Drag the cigarette into the Obama image we flipped horizontally earlier.

Picture 7

Now we’re going to resize the cigarette and flip it.  With the cigarette layer selected use edit > free transform to rotate the cigarette to fit near his mouth.

Picture 8

Decrease the opacity of the cigarette layer to 20%Zoom into the picture and with the pen tool, trace around the back end of the cigarette.  We’re doing this so we can cut off the back of it and make it look like it’s inside his mouth.

Picture 9

Now, Control + Left mouse click on the shape layer you just drew.  (Make sure the shape conforms to his lips for a more realistic effect ) After control clicking, select the cigarette layer and then select the Marquee Tool (M) and Right click and select “layer via cut.”  Delete the back of the cigarette layer you just cut off and increase the layer of the cigarette back to 100%.

Picture 10

Now we’re going to adjust the saturation of the cigarette layer by selecting image >adjustments >hue/saturation and putting in the following settings:

Picture 11

Now add a drop shadow to the cigarette layer by selecting the little “fx” button at the bottom of the layers palette with the cigarette layer selected.  Enter the following settings:

Picture 12

Now select the cigarette layer again and select Filter > liquify. We have to bend the angle of the cigarette so the perspective is right.  Use the following settings in liquify:

Picture 13

Then bend the two harsh lines on the cigarette upwards:

Picture 15This is what we have so far:

Picture 16

Now all we have to do is use the burn tool on the cigarette layere to add some realistic shading near the lips. Make sure you use a brush that has a hardness of 0

Picture 17

Last thing we’re going to do is blur the cigarette a bit so it doesn’t look as “cut and pasted.”  Choose the blur tool (R) and blur accordingly.  Here is our final image.  You can keep adding shadows and adjusting for more realsm. Have fun!

Picture 19

Being president can be stressful.  He might need a few more.

Picture 20

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