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Eye-Catching Cross Blur Trick in Photoshop

Turn an old man to an aurora in less than 10 STEPS! We were messing around and found this quick Photoshop trick using layer overlays. Check it out. You can use this for a poster background…be creative!



This tutorial shows you how to use simple Photoshop filters to get a sweet eye-catching effect from a normally bland photo.  We’ll start with a photo of an old man found here.  We discovered this simply messing around with filter overlays.  This effect was used in a background of a poster we did for a music venue.

This is what we will be creating in just a few steps.  This could be a cool effect for a poster background…

Picture 2

Open the photo in Photoshop and place the photo of the old man you downloaded above.  Immediately Resize the document by going to image > image size and selecting the following settings:

Picture 4

Now we have a resized photo.  Now we’re going to duplicate the original layer 2 times for a total of 3 layers.  Before you can duplicate the photo of the old man, lets first unlock it by double mouse clicking on the layer and selecting ok.

Picture 5

Now to duplicate the background (old man) layer click the layer and select Layer > Duplicate do this twice so you now have 3 layers of the same image.  Name these three layers “original bg,” “vertical blur,” and “horizontal blur”

Picture 6

With the vertical blur layer selected.  Select filter > blur > motion blur and enter the following settings:

Picture 7

Click “ok” and select the “horizontal blur” layer and select filter > blur > motion blur and enter the following settings:

Picture 8

Now put the layers in the following order:

Picture 9

Now set the “original bg” to Color Dodge and set the “horizontal blur” layer to Color Burn.  VOILA! You now have a quick and easy way to create an aurora effect to photos that can create a sweet poster!  Hope you enjoy it.  If you like our stuff you should subscribe to our rss feed for free so we can keep you in the loop! HAPPY CREATING!

Picture 2

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