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New Adobe Photoshop App

New Photoshop app for the iPhone. How good is it really?


Adobe Systems company has introduced the launching of Free Photoshop application version, which will work on Apple iPhones.

This application will feature an opportunity to edit the pictures made by the smart phone and the ones, downloaded to web photo hosting and sharing resource. Moreover, this application will allow users to easily download the pictures made with iPhone to this media library.

Free Photoshop version, created specially for Apple iPhones, unlike a full PC version, has only basic options and functionality, allowing users to rotate and crop the image, change the colors or apply several simple filters to the pictures. All the changes can be undone.
A good thing about this new Photoshop version is that it’s free of charge. The online photo hosting service at is also free, as long as the users need no more than 2 GB for storing their images. In order to place more information they will have to pay the annual membership fee.

Free Photoshop Downloads (Free Photoshop version for Apple iPhones) here.

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