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To Post or Not to Post? – Electric

Vote on this tutorial to see it published. We like to actively involve our visitors in deciding which tutorials we post. This tutorial isn’t too advance and teaches you how to create electric text in Photoshop.

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Incubus CD Cover Photoshop Tutorial

You voted it! Thanks for everyone who submitted a vote to get this tutorial published. It’s always encouraging to engage readers and see exactly what it is you guys like. Here is a tutorial of how to make an Incubus album cover in Photoshop.

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20+ Kingtutz Favorite Free Fonts

Free fonts Free Fonts! We run across a lot of free fonts as we develop client projects. Here are some that we’ve gathered over the past few months. Some we don’t use a lot, and some we use every day! Enjoy.

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5 Photoshop Masters

5 Photoshop masters with examples photos that will blow your mind. Remember, coming up with compositions of this details can take many years to develop. Slowly sharpen your skills with tutorials and you’ll be well on your way to design greatness. These artists didn’t wake up experts, practice makes perfect!

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5 Must Read Articles for Photoshop Rookies

We all have been there before. Sitting in front of our computers, wanting to learn Photoshop but not knowing where to begin. You open Photoshop and stare blankly at all of those little buttons and menus… well, here are some articles to help you out.

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New Blog Design – Bonnie the Baker

Take a look at the blog design I just revamped for a client. It is a baking blog and has some really cool stuff. A lot of people who visit this site are men so if you’re not interested, pass the link along to your wife or lady friend 😉

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Niklas Lundberg Interview

Niklas Lundberg is a very young and inspirational designer from Sweden. Kingtutz Photoshop caught up with him and we asked a few questions about his life as a designer. He has some amazing designs and we just had to know the man behind the madness! Check it out

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Jelly Fish Delight – Photoshop Tutorial

Here is an inspiring tutorial that uses different techniques to create a soft background with glowing jellyfish. It finishes with a nice composition and some useful tips you can use in your design projects. Don’t miss it!

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Best Tutorials of the Week

So there are a lot of sites around the web that we visit for industry news, upcoming artists, etc. that help us to better see where the industry is going and what’s fresh.  This way we can best provide clients with the most up to date and comprehensive marketing plans through our design studio Newfire Creations. […]

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20+ Inspiring Examples of Bokeh Effect

The Bokeh effect seems to be all around us. Here are a few inspirational examples of the effect seen in photography. This effect is easy to simulate in Photoshop and adds a really cool effect to compositions.


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